Our Vision: What We Believe

We believe that overcoming anxiety is possible for everyone, no matter how bad it may seem or how long you've been dealing with it.

We believe it doesn't have to take months (or years) of trial and error or powerful psychoactive medications to find what works and gain relief from anxiety in a reasonable amount of time.

We believe there are specific strategies when used under an integrative plan, that can effectively help you to manage, control and overcome anxiety.

We believe an optimal plan for overcoming anxiety is one that treats the whole person; mind, body and soul; the psychological, biological and spiritual (our deeper selves); our inner world and our outer relationship with others and the world at large.

We believe that these are not separate aspects of each individual but are interrelated.

We believe all of this because we've been there and have pulled ourselves out of the depths of severe anxiety, panic attacks, fear and despair using the exact strategies we recommend.

We overcame anxiety through years of trial and error; research, trainings, books, seminars, supplements, herbs, medications, successes, failures and relapses.

We believe you shouldn't have to do the same, but instead, you should have direct access to exactly what works and why.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the strategies and resources that are proven to work for every type of anxiety; worry, panic attacks, social anxiety, phobias and fears, health anxiety and others.

Because we believe everyone can overcome anxiety and we've experienced the futility in trial and error and the shallowness of most anxiety websites, we strive to fill the gap online to truly help those who need it.

We provide proven strategies and resources that we combine into an overall integrative plan for those who truly want to overcome anxiety.

Profound Anxiety Solutions was created to provide in-depth information about anxiety, effective anxiety strategies and expert advice.

We separate ourselves from the rest of the anxiety websites online by going in-depth in our articles, providing actionable techniques and strategies and only promoting what works through personal experience or scientific research.

We Thrive on Your Input

We strive to be the best online resource for anxiety strategies and the best anxiety website online, period. Our power to help and to be the best thrives on your input.

The more input we receive – the stronger we will become together. So please, leave comments, ask questions, join us on Facebook, join our free newsletter and share your personal experience with anxiety.

By sharing your experience with anxiety you can improve everyone's understanding of anxiety and possibly help other readers looking for help with their anxiety.

Take Action to Overcome Anxiety

We provide strategies and information on all different types of anxiety. From general anxiety and worry to panic attacks and social anxiety.

While reading about anxiety and the strategies provided can help to develop a better understanding of anxiety and help reduce anxiety – to truly overcome anxiety you have to take action.

If you're serious about overcoming anxiety we ask that you not only read the articles we have provided but also apply the information you learn.

Practice the techniques, develop a practice, talk to your doctor about the supplements recommended, join our newsletter, and get involved with us.

Our Qualifications and Professional Training

Over the years, my team and I have been trained in and/or certified in the following areas:

  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR): Center for Mindfulness (University of Massachusetts Medical School)
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT): ACBS
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): Beck Institute
  • Taoist Qigong & Medical Qigong
  • Mindfulness Meditation (Vipassana)
  • Zen Meditation
  • Pranayama (breathwork)
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT): Tapping

In addition, I have been a daily meditation practitioner for the past 20+ years.

My team and I also have extensive experience and knowledge in regards to: supplementation, nutrition, environmental toxins, anti-anxiety technologies such as Brainwave Entrainment, Heartmath, Biofeedback and Ces Devices as well as alternative healing techniques such as EFT (tapping).

All of this combined experience and knowledge goes directly into all of the information we provide. We aren't just rehashing common advice that's found all over the internet. We know what works!

Our Memberships and Programs We Support

There are many websites, programs and non-profits that we believe are doing a good job to help serve those through their information and services. There are a few that we are members of and others we support with recognition and/or donations.

Our Memberships:

  • Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA): a nonprofit organization dedicated to the awareness, diagnosis, treatment and cures for anxiety and depression
  • Association for Contextual Behavioral Science (ACBS): a nonprofit professional organization associated with ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) and RFT (Relational Frame Theory)
  • The American Institute of Stress (AIS): a nonprofit corporation offering information to help improve mental and physical health with stress management for health care professionals and the general public

Programs We Support:

  • Mind and Life Institute
  • The Center for Mind-Body Medicine
  • Home Base: Veteran and Family Care
  • National Domestic Violence Hotline

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Discover profound solutions to manage, control, and overcome your anxiety. Featuring supplements, techniques, tools and effective anxiety strategies that work. We base everything we recommend on the latest science and years of experience overcoming anxiety disorders. We're here to help!

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