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Discover What Really Works For Anxiety

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Dramatically Reduce Anxiety With Brainwave Entrainment

Article Summary:

Discover the power of brainwave entrainment to reduce anxiety, calm the mind, increase self-awareness, and more. All by listening with a pair of headphones...

Can you really reduce anxiety, improve depression, increase creativity, and become more relaxed and focused – simply by putting on a pair of headphones?

With brainwave entrainment, that is a real possibility.

Brainwave entrainment (also called brainwave synchronization) is more commonly referred to by the technology being used - in most cases this is binaural beats or isochronic tones.

Brainwave entrainment has become increasingly popular over the past decade. Thousands of people have benefited from using binaural beats and isochronic tones for anxiety and other issues.

As research continues and technology advances, the power and potential for this type of technology will only grow.

Brainwave entrainment could be a powerful option if you've sought a simple, natural, and effective method to reduce anxiety.

Join me as we dive into the potential benefits of this technology, the effectiveness of binaural beats and isochronic tones for anxiety, and the programs we recommend.

So let's go…

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What is Brainwave Entrainment?

Brainwave entrainment is the process of synchronizing the brainwaves with an external stimulus.

Today, audio tracks using headphones are one of the most popular forms for promoting this brain synchronization.

These audio tracks are embedded with specific beats or tones that cause your brain to enter specific brainwave frequencies throughout the program.

Typically you will sit or lie comfortably while listening to the audio.

Some people – like myself – incorporate this technology into their meditation practice.

However you decide to use the technology, either on its own or combined with another practice, the core of the process is still the same - sit quietly and listen.

Tuning the mind and body to specific states, feelings, and emotions through sound is not new.

Many cultures – such as Hindus and Native Americans – have used sound to induce altered states, enter a trance and promote healing for hundreds of years.

The steady beating of a drum or the repetition of a specific sound or mantra can induce these altered healing states.

Similarly, listening to specific beats or tones on an audio track can "entrain" the mind into specific states or brainwave frequencies.

Adjusting the Frequency

If you think of your brain as having a frequency – which is how brainwaves are measured – you can imagine there being higher/faster frequencies and lower/slower frequencies.

These frequencies directly affect your moment-to-moment thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Higher frequencies are generally associated with alertness, problem-solving, mental engagement, and primary active consciousness.

Very high-end frequencies are associated with excitement, complex data processing, and anxiety.

Lower frequencies typically result in relaxation and daydreaming and are associated with the subconscious mind.

Extremely low-end frequencies are dominant during dreamless sleep but can also be produced by experienced meditators.

Brainwave entrainment programs focusing on a specific state or goal, such as relaxation or improving concentration, typically reach and maintain a particular frequency, such as Alpha.

Programs that are designed to mimic and improve deep states of deep meditation, such as iAwake's Profound Meditation Program, will focus on taking you slowly down through alpha to theta to delta and then slowly back again.

Some programs may even incorporate multiple frequencies at the same time.

When a particular brainwave is promoted and increased, you can reap the potential benefits from being in that state.

For example, when your brain has increased alpha waves, you tend to become more relaxed and creative.

By changing your brainwaves, you are directly affecting your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Brainwave Frequencies

Below is a brief overview of the 4 primary brainwave frequencies

Beta (12-38 Hz):

Generally associated with our normal waking, task-oriented state; Beta covers the largest frequency range

  • Beta is divided into 3 ranges: Low Beta (12-15 Hz), Beta (15-22 Hz), and High Beta (22-38 Hz)
  • Most of us spend the majority of our day in Beta
  • Beta is associated with mental activity such as attention, alertness, and problem-solving
  • While higher Beta ranges can be great for processing data, it is also the range of anxiety. Being in High-Beta for long can lead to feelings of burnout and "overload."

Alpha (8-12 Hz):

Alpha is the frequency where your mind begins to slow down, and you become more relaxed. Thoughts tend to flow more easily

  • When you're absorbed in a great book or movie or fully present watching a beautiful sunset, your brain produces more Alpha waves
  • Many meditators, as well as those practicing mind-body exercises like Tai-chi or Qigong, tend to reach Alpha naturally during their practice and produce more Alpha waves
  • Alpha is great for creativity and thinking outside the box

Theta (3-8 Hz):

Theta is when your mind turns inward and pays much less attention to the external world

  • Theta is associated with intuition, dreams, and the subconscious
  • When you awaken from sleep and are still halfway in a dream, that is Theta
  • Many people believe that being in Theta while conscious allows for the release of negative "baggage" (subconscious thoughts, feelings, and memories) by enabling us to bypass the resistant conscious mind

Delta (.5-3 Hz):

Delta is the deepest of the brainwaves that can be recorded. There are potentially brainwaves lower than .5hz, but these are difficult to measure reliably

  • Delta brainwaves occur during deep, dreamless sleep
  • Deep delta sleep is associated with healing and restoration of the mind and body
  • External awareness is extinguished
  • Delta brainwaves can be increased during the deepest stages of meditation

Types of Brainwave Entrainment

There are several major types of brainwave entrainment.

These include audio entrainment, visual entrainment (including combined audio-video entrainment), electromagnetic entrainment and entrainment using mind machines or CES devices.

While all of these methods can be effective forms of brainwave entrainment, we will be focusing on audio entrainment for this article.

(If you would like to learn more about CES devices, which can be an effective option for anxiety, we have an article HERE)

Audio entrainment in the forms of binaural beats and isochronic tones are by far the most popular and most researched forms of brainwave entrainment right now.

Below we will be discussing these two forms in more detail.

Binaural Beats

Binaural beats are the most popular form of brainwave entrainment. They are also the most widely studied and researched form.

Binaural beats have been used effectively – in various audio forms – since the 1970's.


With binaural beats, an audio track presents two tones at different frequencies – one in the left ear and one in the right- which is processed in the brain as a single tone.

For example – 150hz is played in the left ear and 160hz in the right ear.

The mind hears the difference between the two tones as a single tone.

In the example, the tone heard would be 10hz.

This difference of 10hz would bring the mind into an alpha brainwave state.

Most binaural beats programs instruct the user to sit quietly while listening with headphones.

Due to the way in which binaural beats work, headphones are a requirement.

Many users find these "beats" – usually hidden behind nature sounds or music – more pleasant and less noticeable than isochronic "tones."

Many of the original brain entrainment companies – like Centerpointe (creators of Holosync)- use binaural beats technology.

Most online sellers and Youtube "meditation" videos also use binaural beats.

With the popularity of this technology, there is an increasing number of low-quality programs popping up all the time.

It's always best to stick with ones that have been proven effective.

Isochronic Tones

Isochronic tones have only recently begun to see widespread usage despite being around nearly as long as binaural beats.

While isochronic tones lack the same amount of research as binaural beats, many people see the technology as a superior form of entrainment.


Unlike binaural beats, isochronic tones present the listener with a single tone. This tone is turned on/off rapidly, creating pulses of sound. These pulses leave a strong impression on the brain that many users find more effective than binaural beats.

One of the most significant advantages of isochronic tones is that you can listen with or without headphones.

While you can listen to isochronic tones using speakers instead of headphones, headphones are still recommended for the most powerful experience.

While some people find the "tones" too sharp or distracting, if you are using a high-quality program, they shouldn't be noticeable at all.

Many companies are beginning to use isochronic tones in their audio programs.

A few companies – like Transparent Corp. (Neuroprogrammer 3) – view isochronic tones as the new standard for brainwave entrainment.

Benefits of Brainwave Entrainment

Over the past two decades, research has shown many benefits of brainwave entrainment.

In addition, thousands of users have reported the benefits of using both binaural beats and isochronic tones for anxiety, stress, depression, and more.

Many have noticed positive benefits after one session.

Although profound change may not happen overnight, continued use of this technology – especially when combined with meditation – can positively affect the user over time.

  • can help reduce the feeling of stress
  • can reduce anxiety
  • can improve focus
  • increases stress threshold (ability to handle stress)
  • enhances the ability to be present (mindfulness)
  • reduces cortisol (stress hormone)
  • promotes deep levels of meditation
  • increases DHEA levels (reduces symptoms of aging)
  • balances neurotransmitters
  • improves brain communication
  • increases melatonin
  • improves concentration
  • improves mood
  • can increase creativity
  • enhances the ability to release unconscious thought patterns
  • can help synchronize the two brain hemispheres (whole-brain thinking)
  • ability to target/enter specific brainwave patterns
  • improves the brain's ability to change and adapt
  • can promote altered states of consciousness

Can Brainwave Entrainment Eliminate Anxiety?

Brainwave entrainment has been proven to reduce anxiety symptoms, promote relaxation, and reduce stress and stress hormones.

But can it eliminate chronic anxiety entirely?

This depends on the user and how they use this technology.

If used daily and with other effective strategies (such as meditation, therapy, supplementation, etc.) I think this is definitely possible.

I have used binaural beats and isochronic tones for anxiety for many years.

Brainwave entrainment was a powerful tool in my anxiety toolkit for overcoming anxiety (see below).

While listening to a brainwave entrainment program, most people notice greater relaxation and anxiety reduction.

However, once the program ends, anxiety has a way of slowly creeping back in.

Many users return to their usual (anxious, stressed) state in a few hours.

The solution to this is how you approach the use of this technology.

Below I'll discuss the two primary ways you can use brainwave entrainment...

Occasional Use (Temporary Benefits)

Brainwave entrainment can be used occasionally to meet specific needs of the moment.

For example, you could use Alpha wave audio tracks to boost creativity or promote relaxation, among many other benefits.

Or you could use a low-Beta track to promote relaxed focus while working on a work/school project. is an excellent source for these types of tracks.

Similarly, if you have specific fears or phobias you could use this technology before or during an event that would otherwise trigger anxiety or panic attacks – such as a plane flight or a doctor's visit.

There are many other short term benefits brainwave entrainment can provide.

In the long run, this may not provide deep change or drastically improve your ability to handle stress but it can be an extremely effective method for reducing anxiety symptoms as needed.

Daily Use (Long-Term Benefits)

Many brainwave entrainment programs – like Holosync or iAwake's Profound Meditation Program – are meant to be used daily as a meditation program.

These programs typically take the listener through the gamut of brainwaves – from Beta to Alpha, Theta, and Delta.

This approach leads to improved neuroplasticity in the brain over time.

Neuroplasticity is the brain's ability to adapt and change.


Daily users report less stress and anxiety and an increased ability to handle stress

While many people enjoy brainwave entrainment's immediate/temporary benefits, long-term daily usage can bring profound positive changes.

Less stress and anxiety in the moment is good, becoming less easily triggered into the cycle of stress and anxiety in the first place is life-changing.

We recommend using brainwave entrainment daily for these more profound long-term benefits rather than short-term symptom-based usage if you want to experience real change.

Combining brainwave entrainment with a daily meditation practice or used as a meditation practice is a potent option for anxiety and stress management.

My Experience With Binaural Beats & Isochronic Tones

My first experience with brainwave entrainment began nearly 20 years ago.

I suffered from extreme daily anxiety and panic attacks and was on a high dose of Prozac.

I was seeking a natural way to cope with my anxiety – free of the side effects of my medications.

One of the first natural strategies I discovered and practiced was meditation.

After a few months of practice, I was still struggling.

Sitting still was hard. Sitting still with a mind going 100mph was nearly impossible.

I began researching ways to "improve" my meditation.

I eventually came across an advertisement in a magazine for a new technology that claimed to naturally put the user into a meditative state – regardless of experience.

That company was called Centerpointe Research.

The technology was Holosync, one of the original brainwave entrainment programs using binaural beats.

I experienced dramatic results from the very first listen.


Over time and with daily use – my anxiety decreased, my mind became calmer, I had fewer panic attacks, and I began to experience greater self-awareness.

I soon began a traditional daily meditation practice while listening to the program.

This combination has been one of the primary strategies that helped me to come off my medications and to overcome my anxiety.

To this day, I still meditate daily using this technology.

I have practiced Vipassana meditation for an hour daily while listening to the audio tracks for several years.

Around six years ago, I switched from Holosync to iAwake's Profound Meditation Program and continued to use it daily.

The technology has only gotten better since I first began using it.

Many programs can now take you deeper at a much faster rate.

The technology itself also seems much "cleaner" – without as much of the overwhelm that would sometimes occur in the past.

Many programs now go beyond meditation tracks or reaching standard brainwaves, such as the four central brainwave frequencies mentioned above.

There are programs that focus on specific states or feelings – such as iAwake's Audio Serenity, which provides a soothing, relaxing, effortless state - and iAwake's Rainstorm Sleepwave, that helps you to fall asleep and awaken refreshed.

There are also products that take listeners into brainwave states not as often discussed – such as Gamma – which can increase feelings of unity and compassion and improve focus and memory recall.

I've tried most of the programs over the years and expanded my interest and understanding of how this technology works and the potential it holds for those suffering from anxiety.

I highly recommend giving this incredible technology a try.

Most companies offer free demos, so you can try them out first to see if it is right for you.

There aren't any side effects from using the technology that I am aware of – other than falling asleep (which tends to happen when first starting) or feeling drowsy afterward.

For more on my personal experience and struggle to overcome anxiety, you can read about my anxiety journey here...

Our Favorite Brainwave Entrainment Programs

iAwake Technologies

The most common questions I receive is regarding brainwave entrainment are:

"What is the best brainwave entrainment program?" and "What is the best binaural beats program for anxiety?"

While I gained significant benefits with Holosync when I began using it many years ago, for the past 6+ years, I've been listening to iAwake's programs.

Holosync is a great product – but I believe iAwake's programs are the next step forward with brainwave entrainment technology.

As regular users of iAwake's tracks – most of my team also agrees.

If you want to check out what iAwake offers – click the image (or click here iAwake Demo) for a FREE 40 min sample. There's nothing to purchase, no gimmicks. Try it and see how it works for you.

The Profound Series

If you can't tell, I am passionate about brainwave entrainment and its potential to help others with anxiety, as it has helped me.

I have brought my love for the technology together with highly talented engineers, musicians, and producers to create our very own programs.

We created the Profound Series specifically for anxiety-related issues, including overactive thinking, worry, performance anxiety, insomnia, and more.

The Profound Series features six programs designed to help you relax deeply, fall asleep faster, quiet your mind, detach from your thoughts, perform at your best, and heal and grow.

Featuring the most advanced technology and soothing music, we believe our program is the best available for anxiety, and a 45-day money-back guarantee backs it up.

You can listen to free samples and learn more by visiting our sales page here...

Final Thoughts

Brainwave entrainment can be a powerful tool for coping with anxiety.

Whether using it on occasion – such as to relax – or using it daily as a meditation practice for deep growth – its potential to help you reduce the intensity of anxiety is real.

Scientific studies and the experiences of thousands of people worldwide – myself included – have provided evidence for the effectiveness of both binaural beats and isochronic tones.

We recommend using this technology in combination with meditation or mindfulness practice as a solid foundation to decrease anxiety symptoms and help you overcome chronic anxiety.

By developing greater neuroplasticity and an increased ability to quiet and control your mind, you will find that what once triggered a cascade of anxious thoughts – is no longer an issue.

This is the end goal – beyond just dealing with anxiety symptoms.

Brainwave entrainment in the form of binaural beats and isochronic tones is a fast and powerful way to get to that goal.

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